Urban plantscaping

By Sara Wenkel

A great eye for plants and design, cloud-based irrigation control, all recycled materials – there are many reasons why Greenworks makes a difference to their clients, both from an aesthetic point of view and through...read more

15 Creative ideas for room dividers

By contemporist.com

These plant walls are a great way to divide spaces because they offer sound absorption and purify the air. Open spaces are great for a number of reasons. In offices they facilitate collaboration and communication, and in homes it keeps things flowing and bright...read more

Trädgårdsdags på Drottninggatan

By Victoria Wahlberg

Efter ett par veckors intensiva förberedelser har en vertikal trädgård växt fram rakt över våra huvuden i hörnet Drottninggatan/Mäster Samuelsgatan. Med stort fokus på vår nordiska flora är tanken att trädgården ska tillföra...read more

Concrete plant pots for urban green living

By Jessica Jungbauer

Designer Caroline Brahme has invented a product that consists of concrete blocks hosting green plants, entitled ‘Grey To Green’. When thinking about the growing population in the urban environment...read more

"A room within a room" exhibition during Stockholm design week 2016


During Stockholm Design Week, Makeda will, together with molo by Greenworks and Pellington Design, transform the lobby of hotel Scandic Malmen. By experimenting with materials, shapes, and structures...read more

"A greener city life"

By Anita Karlsson

Greenworks is a company devoted to bringing the aesthetic and health benefits of plants into the city. Theay are known for their know-how in intehrating green vertical designs in all types of...read more

Plant wall by Greenworks

By Retail Design Blog

In case you have wall surfaces that you want to be covered by plants, we can tailor make your particular wall with your preferences of plants. In these cases we do the whole installation of a plant wall and its irrigation...read more

Pendant lamp that lights, Grows & Cleans The Air: Babylone By Greenworks

By Kimberley Mok

Conventional office spaces have the unfortunate reputation of being drab, cubicled places, often cursed with poor air quality and lacking in any cheerful greenery. Even if your boss missed the memo on how improving...read more

De Hade Sveriges Fulaste Kontor

By Jenny Shield

Stockholmspolisens utredningskontor på Södermalm fick i år den föga smickrande utmärkelsen "Årets fulaste kontor". Tävlingen arrangeras för sjätte året i rad av Struktur i samarbete med en svensk inredningstidning...read more

När trädgården flyttar in 

By Anastasia Vesterberg

Per Berglund och Lisa Wacklin grundade verksamheten Greenworks förra sommaren. Allt började med att Per ville skaffa en växtvägg till sin lokal.– Vi hade hård betong överallt och tanken på en växtvägg som......read more

Kontor som säljargument


Nu gör Skandia bank och försäkring sitt eget conceptstore. På Kungsgatan 28 i Stockholm har Skandia byggt ett kontor i grönt. Det är murgröna, gröna och rosa sittkuddar, mjuka material och ljust trä. Johan Hopstadius...read more

Swedish Design in bank of the future

By David Carlson

What will client meetings of the future look like? How do you build a space for committed and personal meetings? BVD Design & Branding created a multifunctional space in Skandiabanken’s new branch in central...read more

Herbal architecture

By Susanne Fritz

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon went down in history as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Vertical gardens were then, as they still are today, signs of innovative architecture. Modern planting systems allow you...read more

Greenworks: plants water themselves with new plant pot

By Jonna Dagliden

Stockholm – Dead plants will soon be a sorrow of the past. Greenwork’s ‘Moving Hedge’ is the world’s first self-watering, mobile plant wall. A tank built into the structure, which only requires refilling every five weeks...read more

Greenworks self-watering living wall system

By Bridgette Meinhold

Green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but they also help enliven a space, humidify the air, and process toxins. We loved this simple and modular living wall by Greenworks, a design duo from Stockholm...read more