planning and design


With more than 200 indoor living walls, the Greenworks team will develop the project from the preliminary phase untill the final stages. We offer help with construction documents, plumbing, lighting design, and landscaping. During a  first consultation phase, the client’s wishes and needs will be considered in a collaborative effort to explore all the best design possibilities. After this first meeting, Greenworks will develop a preliminary strategy and will supply the first price offer. 

plant wall


Our projects are mostly personalised in order to find the perfect solution for every interior space. Greenworks can develop special structures, irrigation, and lighting systems for every living wall.
Moreover, we strategically select from among hundreds of species of plants in order to obtain as many benefits as possible and the best aesthetic design for the environment.

greenworks installation


After the design phase, Greenworks provides the installation thanks to its team of expert builders. The system is composed of different elements: a felt layer, irrigation, and lighting systems. Technical drawings and site analysis will be part of this phase and the wall will generally be built in one day, depending on dimensions. Every system can be designed to cater to clients' special requests. 


landscape design


Greenworks aims to create living works of art. For this reason, it is essential to understand which plants to use. The amount of light and moisture that a plant requires differs greatly from species to species and these are essential aspects we consider before placement.
With the collaboration of landscape architects, Greenworks can select among hundreds of species based on characteristics such as colour, texture, pattern, and size in order to achieve the greatest visual result.

maintenance plant wall


All the plant walls come with a maintenance contract. A fix monthly fee guarantees the good condition of the plantwall in an all-inclusive price. Greenworks also offers a high-technology maintenance system. It is based on wireless sensors that measure moisture, light, temperature, and humidity. This system also includes sensors for low water, power shut down, etc, so the local gardener can take action.